IACEE 2020

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  • The Future of work
  • The Future of Learning
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Inclusion


Types of contribution

Research papers

This type of contribution covers papers which report on any type of research undertaken by the author(s). For example, the research may involve the construction and testing of a model or framework, testing of data or empirical research. Consequently, the papers must include aspects such as background, research questions, formulation of hypothesis and/ assumptions, research methods and instruments, analysis, results and discussion.

Work in progress paper

This type of paper gives authors the possibility to submit a paper, which is not ready to get published yet. A working progress paper can outline hypothesis and or research question, it should explain the methods applied and the primary results which can give an idea about what to expect when the work is finished. Authors have the opportunity to write down uncompleted research and new ideas in the format of a paper when the work is still in progress and receive valuable feedback and comments from peers through review process and through discussions among participants at the IACEE 2020 Conference.

Best Practices Papers/Presentations:

This type of papers/presentations describes actual CEE implementation and/or experiences within organizations. They may well be subjective and will not generally report on research. Consequently the paper/presentation should include motivations for CEE implementation and/or experience, description of CEE model developed and implemented, and lessons learn from such implementation and/or experience.


Presentation Formats (Research, Best Practices, and Work in Progress):

Presentation Formats (available for Research, Best Practices, and Work in Progress)

  • Presentation
  • Peer Feedback Session
    • The session aims to make all participants involved in the session actively. The time given to the presenter for each presentation is 5 minutes supported by a maximum of 5 slides. In the session, the audience is organised in groups and each author introduces his/her topic briefly, highlight their research outcomes through three challenging statements and two reflective questions.
      During presentations, the audience is invited to take notes. After presentations, the audience groups have 10 minutes to discuss the authors’ statements and questions, elaborating on feedback and questions to them. The remaining 5 minutes are allocated to debate and the moderator acts as timekeeper and as facilitator.
  • Panel
  • Facilitated Discussion
  • Ignite or Pitch session
    • Presented in Plenary with 3 minutes each – 1 slide
  • Poster

Review criteria

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Key dates

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